Monday, October 7, 2019

WEEDventure # 2: Go Time and a Paddle

Being on the water is one of my favourite things about living in cottage country; there are so many rivers and lakes throughout the landscape that opportunities for a relaxing paddle are plentiful. When consuming cannabis, many will opt for low-energy activities; but who's to say a paddle can't be the happy meeting of toking and floating?

Strain: Go Time (Sativa)
Activity: Kayaking on Stoney Lake
Hypothesis: The peace and solitude of paddling alone on a beautiful lake should pair well with cannabis, despite the physical exertion required for the activity. 

I learned to paddle on the murky Rivière Baudette that ran through our farm, in the 14ft canoe my grandfather had used for duck hunting; but when I moved to Peterborough, I sat in a kayak for the very first time. Although I am adept at paddling my own canoe (it's like they named the 'J Stroke' just for me), the intuitive nature of the kayak, designed to be used alone was a much more ideal fit.

For this activity, I had an opportunity to consider my strain. I knew that I would not want any trace of lethargy, so an indica was definitely out. My selection of sativas included three potential candidates; Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, or Go Time. 

I imagine you've heard of the first two; they are essentially household names. But that third one- Go Time. This was the wildcard; given to me with the highest praise, known to be euphoric and energizing. It was a mid-to-high potency sativa-dominant hybrid that had a tantalizing lemony scent and was rich with trichomes. I had yet to try it, but from the lavish virtues bestowed upon it, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. So I rolled some hefty cones, popped them in watertight tubes, and set out.

My kayak is quite light and portable (38lbs), however when we arrived at the launch on Stoney Lake (in Burleigh Falls, Ontario), I was glad for my mountain goat-like sure-footedness to help me navigate the rocky descent to the water. Once my kayak was secured in position, I left it and climbed to the top of the rock face to take in the view, and watch the early morning mist rising off the lake. And to smoke a preliminary joint.

Sitting quietly at the top of one of the enormous chunks of granite that make up the lake and inspired its name, I could hear the falls in the distance (although there was hardly any churn where I sat).

There was no doubt that I had chosen the correct strain this time; I felt happy, and inspired, and thoughtful. I had the sudden impression of being a bronchiole- part of the trees breathing around me; the lungs of the planet. Then I remembered that my kayak awaited me, so I slithered down the rock, and slid eagerly into my seat, ready for adventure.

As I think back to my many excursions on Stoney Lake, I am trying to remember if I've paddled anywhere more beautiful, or more interesting. The rock formations cause sudden and drastic changes in depth, which can no doubt be a pain for boaters, but make for a really fun paddle as you weave your kayak around the various islands and shallows that are inaccessible to motor boats. 
This is particularly enjoyable when you've chosen a cannabis strain known for inspiring "stimulating focus", and the herons are brazenly strutting in every available corner.

I hugged the shore, given that I was more interested in a meandering paddle rather than a battle with the current. As I explored the perimeter of the lake, with my camera and phone put away, I reclined and was able to truly savor the solitude and the smoke. As the day heated up and my joints ran low, I realized that I had been out longer than I'd planned already; so I began to head back, surprised to find myself unhindered by my usual achy shoulder. 

The Verdict: By adjusting my pace to a leisurely one, and selecting my strain carefully, I was able to really enjoy the calm and introspection provided by a solitary paddle. I believe, in future, I will be better prepared with more water. The combination of physical exertion and cottonmouth had me reciting my Coleridge (water, water everywhere...) ...and dying for a shore lunch! 

Recommendation: I would 100% advise trying kayaking with cannabis (if you've kayaked before). When choosing your strain, look for a more mellow sativa, but a sativa nonetheless; and make sure your bring yourself lots of water (and snacks!).

Do you have something you'd like me to try stoned? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. Good choice on sativa! We are lucky to be blessed with so many lakes in Canada!