Tuesday, October 15, 2019

WEEDventure # 3: Strawberry Cough and Face Painting

Recently, the Trudeau-Brownface debacle had someone asking me "How high do you have to be to paint your face like that?!"; and although we don't truly attribute his poor taste to cannabis use, it did get me thinking (given the time of year)...wouldn't painting someone's face while high be fun?

Strain: Strawberry Cough
Activity: Face Painting
Hypothesis: As with most creative endeavours, face painting appears to be an excellent activity to engage in while lifted. Let's see, shall we, if one's judgement truly can become sufficiently impaired to make racial faux-pas!

I should start by saying that I have absolutely no artistic skill. I am a word person, an auditory learner; and while I can appreciate visual artforms, I have never in my life been able to confer any of my vision onto canvas (living or otherwise). However, one thing I have been training myself out of in 2019 is my unwillingness to participate in something that I am, unequivocally, bad at.

This is how I find myself, cheap Hallowe'en makeup in hand, poised to turn my daughter into whatever creature she so desires. Unless it's Aladdin. That is definitely out.

I'm sure some parents out there can relate to my dismay when I tell you that for Hallowe'en, my daughter wants to be a "Witch-Eevee" or a "Lion-no-wait-LEOPARD-Bat". Trust me; if you google these things, you do NOT get instructions on how to paint them on a 5-year-old's face. So we agreed a cat was a good place to start.

While she took herself off to change into her kitty ears and tail (always on standby), I popped outside with my trusty Shatterizer to partake in some absolutely delicious Strawberry Cough. If you haven't tried this strain, and are one to enjoy a good giggle, I highly recommend that you track it down. It is the most delicious strain I've ever sampled in my 20 years of cannabis use, with a sweet taste that reminds me of nothing so much as cherry coke! As a Sativa, this strain is known to be highly activating; and is credited with inspiring euphoria and happiness in consumers. When I know I need to match my 5-year-old's silliness and joy, I now medicate with Strawberry Cough.

As we reconvened and she took her seat, I brought up a simple image of a cat face that I thought was achievable at my skill level. A nose, some weird eyebrows, whiskers, all in black and white. I've got this. So I set to my task with a big smile on my face, and her endless excited chatter in my ear.

I started with the nose, moving downward to do the muzzle and whiskers, before attempting the bizarre collection of lines that comprise the cat's eyebrows. I flew through the steps, smiling and feeling very accomplished, with my daughter practically vibrating with excitement. When I was done, I sent her to the mirror to take a look. She was thrilled, and immediately began pretending that she was, in fact, a cat.

Although pleased I hadn't somehow inadvertently turned my daughter into a pariah (folks, the truth is that you have to really commit to do something as idiotic as brownface...even high), I didn't feel as though my masterpiece was yet complete. So, I called my daughter back to her seat with the promise that Maman was about to make her into a pink cat. She was sold.

Thus began my face-painting freestyle. I had no steps or examples; only an image in my mind and a very basic understanding of contouring. This time, when I set to work, we both felt more relaxed; we laughed when I accidentally smudged purple all down her neck...and like that, my perfectionism detached itself from me to undoubtedly find another host.

During Face-Painting Redux, my daughter regaled me with cat facts, so I shall convey to you some of what I learned; "All tortoiseshell cats are girls," she tells me "and if there's a boy, he can't have babies." "Some cats don't have tails. Once I saw a squirrel without a tail, but squirrels usually have tails, so...[shrug]." "My friend's cat is named Oreo."

Once my masterpiece was complete, and my new pink cat had gone off to find some yarn, I had a moment to reflect; and when I did, I discovered that if I let go of my fear of failure, my reticence, and my worry (enabled by my new forever-friend, Strawberry Cough), I allow myself make mistakes and be human for my daughter. She sees me laugh at myself and try again; and I can't think of a better tone to set for her to both thrive in, and replicate.

The Verdict: Even with no artistic skill, face-painting provides a creative outlet, paired with an unexpected opportunity to bond with the 'canvas' (in this case, my daughter). Choosing an upbeat and energetic strain had me engaged and interested in all aspects of this activity, creating a scene and a memory that my daughter and I will forever cherish.

Recommendation: This activity is ideal to engage in with cannabis. Choose a happy, creative strain, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to take this opportunity to have a 'moment' with your 'artwork'* 

*Disclaimer: I do not condone smoking anything around your kid, as this habit is easily mimicked (I should know, my parents smoked cigarettes in the 80's & 90's) and should be vehemently dissuaded; even aside from the numerous health implications. 

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