Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Part 1: Discovery of the 'Magic Goo'

I initially scoffed at the idea of changing my smoking method; I had learned not to doubt the efficacy of my trusty joints many years earlier when those first big, boxy vaporizers came out, with claims of being the 'best' and 'most efficient' way to smoke pot. So, dabbing, I had you pegged as another silly, expensive fad that would prove disappointing; and I held that view for several years as my friends demonstrated titanium nails and terrifying full-sized blowtorches.

Then I saw things start to change. Suddenly those cute torches were not so scary; and damn were those teeny rigs adorable! Quartz bangers, e-rigs, handheld longer daunted, I finally took the plunge at the beginning of summer 2019 and got myself a rudimentary setup; a banger, a torch (not pictured because it was utter garbage, buyer beware), and carb cap; with the intention of using my bong to start out.

Having been generously gifted some shatter to begin with, I watched some videos and gingerly had at it myself. Some trial and error, and then I got the rhythm of it, improving my technique time over time. I invested in a new rig, but found myself far too frequently replacing bangers (and butane)- until I was taught the trick of the Cold Start Dab (thanks again, 710Kingston!).

Cold Starts changed everything for me. Suddenly those higher-priced bangers made sense once you added some longevity to them! I began to browse Instagram, ogling ornate, decadent-looking bangers. This is how I stumbled across The Smoking Quartz; or, more specifically, their Quartz & Concentrates Blog, which served to flesh out my knowledge, and introduce something I'd not heard of yet; Reclaim.

I read up on it with great interest; essentially, reclaim is the reconstitution of vaporized concentrates. You know, the goop on the inside of your rig (or your teeth, if you're unlucky). It turns out this goop is goddamn magic. It is potent, already decarbed, and not altogether unpleasant-tasting on its own; but can also be reused in the form of topicals, edibles, or even to be dabbed again (though I am personally convinced this is not it's desired reincarnation).

I know what you're thinking; yeah, that's just like pipe resin; but you couldn't be more wrong. Although both resin and reclaim share the characteristic high potency, resin is tarrish and foul-tasting, often nauseating, and only for the truly desperate (no judgement; we've all been there).

Reclaim, on the other hand is a caramel-coloured nectar that floats sweetly on the water in your rig. How do you collect it from the water's surface? I honestly have no clue; and for this reason I purchased a Reclaim Catcher (The Smoking Quartz Classic Beaker Style Reclaim Catcher, $69.99):

Seems too good to be true, right? That you can do dabs, and from there collect some magic goo that can immediately be re-purposed into all sorts of things. Well, have patience, my friends; because it does take some time to collect a critical amount of reclaim. Here are some observations that I have made when it comes to capturing it most efficiently:

  • Charred concentrates will produce reclaim, but it will, in fact, taste charred.
  • A 45 degree banger will funnel reclaim more effectively into your Reclaim Catcher (rather than a 90).
  • It is sticky. No, even stickier than you're thinking. Never try to handle it with your fingers.
  • Natural cleaners are best for rigs that you intend to catch reclaim from (I use Dark Crystal Glass). 
After using my catcher for a few weeks, I have now gathered enough reclaim to attempt to give it a second life. My next step will be to retrieve what I've accumulated, which, to be honest, appears daunting given the nature of the substance I'm working with. Here's hoping that magical goo is as easy to harvest as it was to produce! Stay tuned!

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