Welcome to The Lettuce Lady's WEEDventures!

Starting in January 2019, I decided to apply myself to trying each and every strain of cannabis I was able to get my hands on. I found, however, that after several months I grew weary of sequestering myself away to sample this growing array of strains.

From this restlessness was born my new mission; to use my substantial knowledge of  the effects of different strains, paired with my athleticism and unfettered curiosity, to figure out what activities are enhanced by cannabis consumption, and which are hindered.

Each "Weedventure" will be paired with an appropriate strain, and evaluated honestly. Not every occasion calls for weed; but some quite simply beg for it! Let's discover which are which, shall we?

Select a WEEDventure:

Are there activities that you're curious about? Leave me a comment!


  1. This is a brilliant idea! We will be reading along the way. 💎

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